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Jacqueline Santbergen focuses on personal development and organizational development, particularly in the social sector. Jacqueline does this from a variety of roles such as (certified) coach, trainer, consultant, manager, supervisor, entrepreneur and director.

She started her career as a group leader in youth care and later worked as a manager in disability care, mental health care, social support and justice.

She is at her best when there is a need for change. This may be due to strategic reasons, due to cooperation issues in teams or due to individual needs for growth.


Jacqueline’s distinction is her believe and trust in possibilities, talents and personal responsibility. This believe is leading both for her vision on on the development of individuals and organizations. She knows how to diagnose and understand complex issues without simplifying them and translates these into practical solutions and working methods.

Giving and receiving constructive feedback is a natural habit for her. It will result in a desired culture change in order to deliver maximum performance in every respect. She empowers people towards a culture of continuous improvement throughout the organization and coaches team members to improve their way of working as individuals and as a team.


Jacqueline is currently a member of the supervisory board at De Lichtenvoorde, director of BE4YOU2, professional field expert at Saxion University of Applied Sciences and member of international evaluation committees of program accreditations for Higher Education Institutions at FIBAA in Germany.

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About Ivo Matser

Ivo Matser is a specialist in managing and leading organizational change and development of private higher education institutions. He continuously pursues his purpose to increase organizational brand value bringing both the internal and external perspectives into the process. He executes his profession from three different roles: as senior executive manager, as board member and as consultant.


Ivo is an economist, a leadership specialist and certified Expert Marketing Professional. He started his career in sports retail business, managed real estate agencies, publishing and professional services industries. Since 2001, he has been serving the positions of CEO/Dean in private higher education institutions as well as an assessor for international institutional accreditations of HEI in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Abu Dhabi, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Estonia.

Since spring 2018, Ivo is President of GISMA Business School (Germany and UK). In addition, he is Chief Executive Officer and board member of The Academy of Business in Society (Belgium), vice chairman of the board for institutional accreditations of FIBAA (Germany), member of the board of trustees of European Business School (Switzerland / Spain), chairman of the board of Raster (Netherlands) and member of the board of the Dutch Institute of Marketing (NIMA).


Before joining GISMA, he was CEO at several institutions, such as ISM University of Management and Economy (Lithuania) and TSM Business School (Netherlands). He speaks regularly at conferences and is a boardroom consultant in companies in the field of strategy design and development. Ivo reviews publications in corporate governance for Emerald Publishers.

Ivo Matser | The Blending Experience | Change & Performance Management

Enthusiastic people, who rely on their own resources, talents and self-direction, have more fun in their work, work more effectively, are more collegial and customer-friendly.